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Nov 1, 2010

It's birthday month!

Yes, I'm one of those extremely obnoxious people who gets way too excited about my birthday. I celebrate for an entire month. (Although if you look at my bank account you might think I started celebrating last month. Guitly as charged.) My actual birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year, but I'm not one to let someone take away my shine with "holidays" and the like. In honor of birthday month, I'm creating a wish list. Some of these things are completely ridiculous to wish for, but a girl can dream, can't she? Every single day you get to be privy to my birthday fantasies. Today's birthday wish?

Jessica Simpson cheetah print booties ($119). Grrrrrrr.

1 comment:

  1. Those are really cute.. I hope you get them or better yet someone gets them for you :)



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