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Nov 27, 2010

Holiday makeup look to try this year: bright eye shadow

I hear often that bright eyeshadows are a little frightening to try. Never fear! These shadows are super-easy to use and not as drastic as you may think. And hey, what better time to try an exciting new look than the holidays? Here are some of my favorite bright colors, and some pictures of me with the shadows just in case you didn't believe I would ever wear these crazy colors. Let me just preface these pictures by telling you that I'm not one of those bloggers that has delusions that I am (or ever will be) a super-model. These pictures are to show you that if I, a normal human, can pull off these shadows, then you can as well.
First up: Orange. Though orange can be a bit of a crazy color, there are shades out there to give you more of a warm glow on your lids, rather than a molten lava look. I like Shiseido's Luminizing eye trio in Fire because you can wear the orange shade as bright as possible, or you can tone it down a bit as I've done here.

I started by using the light shade on my whole lid, then went over it with the orange starting at the inner corner. To finish the look and give it a little smoke, I used the dark grey shade on the outer corner of the eye, and as my eyeliner using a wet angled brush.

For a palette with both brights and neutrals, I like Mark's On The Dot shadow compact ($15 for 9 colors). Below I've tested some of the brighter colors on my arm to see which one I was going to use for today's little experiment.

I decided to go with the bright yellow color all over my lids, and then use an ample amount of Mark's Get In Line waterproof liquid liner for a cat-eye effect.

This was the easiest/fastest look of the whole bunch, and maybe my favorite. There's something unexpected about yellow in the middle of winter that I really enjoy.

If you're still too scared to go super-bright, then blues are an easy way to incorporate some color in your holiday look. I used Givenchy's Le Prisme eye quad in Blue Collection here. You can really emphasize the bright blue color, or you can do more of a smokey-eye effect.

Regardless of what colors you decide to go for this holiday, my recommendation would be to invest in an eyeshadow blending brush. This tool will become your new best friend, especially if you have been scared to try new colors or color palettes in the past. And if you're doing brights on your eyes, it's best to stick to a pale or neutral lip color so you don't overdose on makeup a la Courtney Love.
Thank you to Mark, Shiseido, and Givenchy for providing me with these eye palettes.

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  1. I love that palette by Mark the colors are so pigmented. I think the yellow is my favorite of them all as well but although I love the orange one as well I still cant help but think October when I see it. :)



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