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Nov 8, 2010

Ecoya candles

My friends over at Ecoya must have known that A) it's birthday month and B) that I love candles, because they sent me some of their fantastic smelling votive candles today. Only in summer of this year did the Australian-born candle company make its way stateside, but I'm so much happier since it did. The first thing you look for in a candle is the smell obviously, and Ecoya has a fantastic fragrance range, including Lotus Flower, Sweatpea and Jasmine, Wild Frangipani, and French Pear, to name a few. These days I'm also looking for products that are good for the environment, and safe to burn in your home. Ecoya candles are 100% soy wax, with wicks that are 100% natural cotton, rather than the candles of old that are petroleum-based. It's not something you would normally think of lighting a candle, but it's important to not burn a lead-based wick in a pint-sized Manhattan apartment. (Or anywhere for that matter).
There are so many options of candles to choose from. From full-size glass jars to travel tins, these make for excellent gifts for the holidays, or, if you're like myself, they make perfect gifts for yourself for birthday month. The Sorrento Occasion Jar is my favorite, in its chic, black glass jar.

Besides the candles, there are also reed diffusers and a line of body care products that are made with essential oils and other botanicals. The body care line includes hand & body wash, lotion, and soaps, with moisturizing oils and vitamin E.
To find out more about Ecoya, or find a location to buy, please visit their website.
Images courtesy of Ecoya.

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