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Oct 9, 2010

Pardon the interruption...

You may have noticed a bit of a lull in the blogging as of late, but never fear! There is a lot going on in the world of Beauty By Benz. Besides trying to gather as much info as possible about fun brands that are doing their share to help breast cancer awareness this month, I've also entered back in to a world that I miss very much: dancing! You may or may not know that your dear old Benz used to be a dance teacher until an unfortunate incident with my knee that led me to have surgery. I've been out of the game for about 2 years, but I decided to get my fat butt in to the studio again and I've never been happier. Broadway Dance Center, for those dancers who have been living under a rock their entire lives, is the ONLY place to go in NYC if you're serious about your dancing. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn some moves, a pro looking to learn some amazing choreography, or an oldie (but goodie) like myself, this studio has everything your heart could desire. I've personally been taking classes from the teacher "BT" (Brian Thomas), who I don't know much about besides the facts that his energy is infectious and his choreography will keep you coming back.
OK, OK, enough about the personal life. So what's happening on the blog?
As much as I love dancing, I love music. They sort of go hand-in-hand, don't they? I come from a musical family, so I'm very excited to announce that I will be broadcasting a live concert from the site on November 10th. The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn is a legendary venue for good music, and was chosen as the perfect place for the Lyva Music Fest on November 10th. A 5 band concert, this is one that you won't want to miss.

Artists include:
Tied in 2- (7:00 pm) 4 musicians hailing from the tri-state area.

Bob Pepek- (8:00 pm) an acoustic rock artist
with a twist. Taught himself at a very young age to play a power chord on an acoustic guitar. Niceeeeee!

Lyva- (9:00 pm) the music writing duo of Lynda McLaughlin and Valerie Gurka.

Lunic- (10:00 pm) I love a good female-fronted indie-rock band. The group was formed by Kaitee Page from upstate New York. I'm also from upstate, but while I moved to NYC and decided to work in fashion, Page decided to travel the world and get inspiration for her music. A self-taught pianist, Page should surely bring some interesting tunes to this show.

The Deafening Colors (11:00 pm)- If you're obsessed with the Jersey Shore like I am, you'll be excited to hear this band is from Jersey. However, this is not Jersey-shore-style music. Thank goodness. As their band name suggests, this band is sure to be lively and loud.

Stay tuned for more info closer to the event, but most importantly, tune in on November 10th from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am.
If you're in the New York area on that date, buy tickets to the concert here!

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