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Oct 29, 2010

MCM spring 2011 handbag preview

Your mission? Do not drool on keyboard while reading this post. I know it sounds easy, but it will be a challenge indeed. I already knew walking in to the MCM spring 2011 preview that the bags would be drool-worthy, but was taken aback by the view first. Picture yourself getting off the elevator at the penthouse of the Cooper Square Hotel and seeing a slew of gorgeous bags on lit pedestals, in a room with floor-to-cieling glass walls while the sun is setting in NYC. Itliterally took my breath away for a moment. Let me focus on the bags for a minute... There is so much to choose from for spring, it's hard to imagine waiting for it to come out in stores. Fortunately MCM has done a collaboration with Patricia Field that launches next week for those of us who can't wait until 2011. A mini-capsule of 5 styles, each bag has an artist's freeform sketch of a woman's face. The artist, Martine, is a longtime friend of Pat's, and the sketches bring a more funky, Pat Field kinda feel to the bags.

Alas, we will have to wait for early spring for the following bags, but they are exquisite. There were so many bags to ogle over, but one of the highlights was definitely the HeritageCollection. The pieces are absolutely timeless.

The Queen's Ballroom collection was the favorite of just about everyone who saw the collection. The pops of color and mixing of fabrics made these bags feel very special.

My absolute favorite pieces were from the First Lady collection. Classic pieces mixed with these pops of color. Just delicious! I am really loving this mustard yellow color that I'm seeing for spring. Must. Have. Yellow. Bag. Getting weak from bag-desire... Must keep typing...

As difficult as it is for me to go on since I have to wait for spring, we must discuss the Shanghai collection. This collection is a collaboration with contemporary artist, Craig Redman. Redman was inspired by Shanghai's history as a port city, and gives nautical touches to the bags. These rope touches are also mixed with bright colors to represent a vibrant and colorful culture. Still working with classic MCM bodies and logo pattern, these bags are h.o.t.

I must not leave you without mentioning some other super chic bags:
The Notte and Sportivo collections are great for mixing classic bodies with amazing colors. Not to mention the intricate craftsmanship of the bags. Just outstanding. If you're going to spend all your hard-earned cash on a bag, better make sure it is quality!

Hello Valentine's Day collection! Great for gifts for someone special in your life.

Gotta love the Air collection. It just feels like summer, doesn't it?

So many bags, so little time.
Many thanks to MCM for providing me with some of the photography for this post.

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