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Sep 13, 2010

What to wear to New York Fashion Week

A very special post today for my New York Fashion Week gals. This is something that is very near and dear to my heart, because my answer to this question will reveal many things about my overall outlook on life. I'm not giving away any "insider's secrets" about what goes on in the fashion industry, as I'm a rookie at only 7 1/2 years in the biz (and less than that in the blogging world). This is my personal opinion, through my rose-colored Chloe sunglasses.
A question I get very often from friends, co-workers, other bloggers, and some people who usually wouldn't think twice about fashion if their city weren't taken over by hottie supermodels: What do you wear to fashion week? It's the cause for much consternation amongst both attendees of the shows, and the people who gawk at them. To this question I have one answer and one answer only: it's a matter of personal style. You will see all sorts of freaks, geeks, and super-chics at the tents. People who dress well, and those who dress just plain awful. Sure it's great to see a girl in sky-high Louboutins, an elegant dress, and whatever the bag of the season is. But do you think when she gets home her feet don't feel like they're going to fall off? For the dweeb that wore skinny jeans and ballet flats, she won't get looked at twice by a photographer, but I'll bet she wasn't covering her blisters in band-aids and soaking her feet in a hot bath when she got home. Frankly, the whole point of fashion week is for designers to showcase their work to people who love and, more importantly, BUY fashion. If one person in the audience is a horrific dresser, but spends thousands of dollars on one outfit, then mission accomplished. If a guest at an event has phenomenal personal style, but is a little thrifty, then it's still great to have them there because she will do a very important service for the designer, and that is to tell their friends. The point is to get the fabulous clothing out to the masses. Get it on a celeb's back. Put it up on a fun blog post (tee-heeps). Get it in the September issue. So I say if you want to go to the tents dressed in a neon lime jumpsuit and purple hair with piercings all over your face, then that's fantastic if you're able to influence your friends to go out and stimulate the darn economy. While I'm not encouraging blatantly bad dressing in the name of standing out, because it hurts my eyes and my heart, I think adding a little flare to your wardrobe is what the week is all about. Some may get out that new pair of shoes that they've been saving for a special occasion. Maybe go buy the purse you've been saving up for. This is the week to express yourself in fun and creative ways. It's not the Academy Awards for goodness sake, it's FASHION WEEK, so get your fashion groove on.
So now that my little rant is finished, let me show you some of the good, the bad, and the confusing that I've seen in my fashion travels this week.

All week I saw this person with various fruit hats on his head. I have to wonder if people were as concerned with his fruity hats as they were with Tavi Gevinson's controversy-sparking bow.

Robert Verdi always looks good. It's just part of his DNA.

Oh the shoes!

This is me below! Last day of fashion week, so I'm pretty exhausted here, but I'm carrying my trusted ChloƩ metallic Paddington bag and sporting some really comfortable wedges. It's all about comfort for this girl. Oh, and pink is my favorite color if you didn't know already.

My friend Lorna from The Fabulous Report:

Still haven't figured out what to wear yet? Then hey, it's New York. You can always just wear black.
Special thanks to my fab blogger and photographer chicks that helped me collect pictures of all these people:

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