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Sep 14, 2010

Temperley London Spring 2011

Temperley London showcased the Spring 2011 line today at the popular Milk Studios, an off-site venue where you can see some great shows without hiking all the way up to Lincoln Center. Milk Studios' warehouse-style, exposed brick landscape is the perfect home to show off a line like Temperley; one that is feminine but tough as nails.Both Temperley London and Alice by Temperley were showcased today. Alice by Temperley's Spring/Summer 2011 collection was inspired by a personal obsession of mine: Marie Antoinette. While I can only think of "the last queen of France" in extravagant gowns that were thought to lead her country to financial ruin (and wish I had that kind of power), Alice Temperley actually asked herself what this queen would wear if she lived in the 21st century. Temperley's vision is someone who has decadent taste, is a hopeless romantic, and is a bit on the mischievous side. (Could I be Marie Antoinette reincarnated? Sigh, if it's true, then I'm being punished for my past extravagant ways by being forced to live without these fantastic clothes until Spring 2011).

But even more exciting that the Alice spring line, is the Temperley London spring collection: Guinevere. We've all heard the tales about King Arthur and Guinevere and the whole bit, so I'll spare you my babbling. Just know that is the inspiration for the collection. There are gowns that are fit for a queen, but also tough gear for a warrior princess. In this case I actually relate more to these amazing knight-ess in shining armor pieces than the gowns.
How sexy is a chain-mail knit hoodie?

Oh why, WHY must I wait to have that hoodie in my possession? It hardly seems fair.

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