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Sep 8, 2010

Shiseido fall 2010 collection

I attended a blogger breakfast this morning where I had the opportunity to learn about Shiseido's fall 2010 makeup and skincare lines. One of the standout products on the line is the Luminizing Satin eye color trios ($33). These shades are nothing but ordinary, as they were inspired by makeup artist Dick Page's travels around the world.

Snow Shadow- a winter scene in Long Island.

Fire- a campfire in Nevada (I took this one home with me!).

Boudoir- a peek in to an airy bedroom scene.

Opera- Paris Opera Garnier

Jungle- a rainforest in the West Indies

Tropicalia- a tropical plant in Southern California

Strata- layers of rock in Chaco, New Mexico

Besides being inspired by Page's travels, the research that goes in to Shiseido products is top of the line. Micromatic color pigments reflect light, making the colors both vivid and translucent. This takes some of the fear out of using bright colors with your eye makeup looks. These shadows also have moisturizing components to improve dry or rough skin on the eyelids, and are long-lasting so that you can wear them all day. They go on super smooth, and feel light on your skin all day long. Makeup artists were on hand giving applications. My makeup artist used the colors of Strata on my lids, and then popped it with the bright orange color from the Fire palette. The look was nothing like I expected with that orange color. It was very subtle, and really brought out the green in my eyes.
Makeup artist and author, Taylor Babaian, was on hand giving makeup tips as well. Babaian is well-versed in making women of all ethnic backgrounds look beautiful. I received a copy of her new book "Style Eyes", an in-depth guide to everything you ever wanted to know about eye makeup. From concealer, the perfect brow, how to apply false lashes, day looks, evening looks, and everything in between, this book has got you covered.
There were so many other fantastic products besides the eyeshadow palettes. Here is a short preview of some must-haves for fall:
Luminizing Lip Gloss in Pop Life ($22)- Super pink shade. $5 for every tube sold in October goes to Cancer and Careers in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer and Careers empowers people with cancer so that they can thrive in the work place.

Natural Finish Cream Concealer ($25)- an easy to blend cream, not cakey or stiff feeling. Water and oil resistant.
Future Solution LX eye and lip contour regenerating cream ($130)- Shiseido has patented a "Skingenecell 1P" to address signs of aging now, and improve skin's resilience in the future. Corrects and prevents dark circles, rough skin around the eyes, and sagging.

For more information on Shiseido products, or to locate a store, please visit

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