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Sep 27, 2010

Ready Set Blow express blowdry lotion

Blow, NYC's blowdry bar whose sole mission is to make your blowout better, has come up with yet another way to make life easier. This blowdry bar's is all about making the perfect blowout easier to accomplish, and make it last longer once you've created your style. For me, the hardest part of a blowout is simply the time it takes out of my life. You're in the bathroom, you're hot, your arms are getting tired, and all of a sudden you're late for work? No wonder so many woman walk out of the house looking a mess. Blow has come up with a solution: Ready Set Blow. Ready Set Blow express blowdry lotion accelerates blowdry time without drying hair out. Unlike most other blowdry accelerators on the market, this lotion is free of alcohol, sulfates, sodium chloride, and parabens. What good is the perfect blowout if you're damaging your hair with harmful ingredients? Blow is committed to beautiful, healthy hair, so none of their products contain these sulfates or parabens. Vitamin B adds life back into stressed tresses, while Blow's exclusive Pure Protein Blend protects hair from heat damage.
Get Ready Set Blow, or learn about other products to make your blowout smoother and longer lasting at

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