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Sep 8, 2010

Irina Shabayeva Spring 2011 presentation

Irina Shabayeva's Spring 2011 collection is called "Midsummer Night's Dream", and is a whimsical journey through a fairytale. The pieces were certainly imaginative, and you got the feeling you were in a meadow filled with fairies, or some sort of mythical creature one could conjure up in their wildest dreams.

Base colors of the collection were pale grey and champagne tones, with the occasional pop of red.

Silks, organzas, and chiffons were mostly used, giving the garments a fluidity, as seen below on this little sea nymph.

There were interesting structural flower pieces on some of the gowns, which is not an easy feat to achieve when using such slinky fabrics.

All in all, it was typical Irina, in that it was well thought out and thematically consistent. You always know exactly what her message is, and it always looks gorgeous.

Photography by Bonita's World.

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