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Sep 10, 2010

I-Ella launch party at InStyle Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Lounge

I was lucky enough to attend the I-Ella launch party at the InStyle lounge at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center during fashion week. Hosted by Veronica Webb, the party celebrated the launch of Ella Gorgia's innovative and charitable new online shopping site. At customers can purchase, sell, swap, or borrow clothing and a portion of the proceeds go to charities, such as the Susan G. Komen foundation or Keep A Child Alive.
Here's how it works:
Buying/selling- seller sets the price (I-Ella recommends a roughly 40% discount off the retail price) and keeps 90% of the buy price. The other 10% is donated to 1 of 3 charities selected by the buyer.
Borrowing- items can be borrowed for a week or a month, and the lender sets the price. 10% of the transaction price goes to a charity selected by the borrower.
Swapping- clothing can be swapped for a mere $5 per item (regardless of the item's value). 10% is donated to one of the selected charities.

Insider's Closet is a special feature on the site where you can bid on some celeb's favorite outfits. Once a week stars such as Whitney Port and Veronica Webb will have an online closet where users can bid on said celeb's favorite articles of clothing. Online bidding lasts for 2 days, and proceeds will go to the celeb's charity of choice.

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