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Sep 11, 2010

Fournier Communications "Be Parisian For A Day" brunch

Sometimes during Fashion Week, agencies will offer a nice oasis from all the madness. Fournier Communications blessed bloggers with their "Be Parisian For A Day" brunch where we were able to sip on champagne and test out fantastic French beauty treats. This is my list of favorite brands from the party, as well as some I look forward to discovering.
A brand that I was not familiar with until the brunch, but can't wait to try. This high-end brand has a remedy for just about every skincare need. Need a bust lift? There's a lotion for that. This is a brand that believes in "skincare for a lifetime", so there is a treatment for every type of skin at just about every age. The products I'm most excited to try from Orlane are their "first-time fighting" care products, made for people 25 yrs of age and up who are just starting to think about age-prevention.

Patyka-A brand that is about the planet as much as it is about the skin. Patyka carries the labels Ecocert, Cosmebio, One Voice, and 1% FTP (for the planet). That means their ingredients are certified organic, not tested on animals, and 1% of their proceeds are donated to non-governmental organizations that support ecological projects. The line consists of anti-aging skin care, and the Absolis line for face and body. They gave me an Absolis spearmint body wash to take home that is out of this world. It's now my fragrant body wash for mornings that I need a little extra kick to get up.

Votre Vu-
I've only recently become acquainted with this brand, but I'm in love already. My favorite gifts that I was sent home with are the Trés Magni Feet exfoliating scrub and foot lotion, and their Special eyes eye cream that de-puffs my eyes like no other. I was very excited to find out that they also have a men's skin care line, because, like any blogger worth her salt should, I experiment on the men in my life.
I have to give many thanks to Fournier Communications to allowing me in to their world of Parisian beauty for a day, and for giving me so many lotions to take home and experiment with. I can't wait to try more from these brands and keep my love affair with French beauty products going.

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