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Sep 1, 2010

Fashion GPS takes over Lincoln Center

Fashion GPS is changing the face of Fashion Week, one invitation at a time. As Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week moves to its first season at Lincoln Center, it is also welcoming a new age of technological advances that will make everyone's lives easier. Fashion shows are meant to be fun, informative, and hopefully pleasing to the eye, but guest lists, seating arrangements, and long check-in lines can be very frustrating for both the guests and the organizers of shows.
From the designers, to the PR firms, and especially the guests attending the event, the key with the new Fashion GPS system is faster delivery of information. Previously guests of fashion week shows received hard invites in the mail, for the most part, that they had to respond to via email or phone. This process could take weeks for PR firms and event coordinators to get an accurate list of attendees. After the list was compiled, there were still check-in lines to deal with and seats to find. The new Fashion GPS system ensures that RSVP's will be received and managed in real time. Guests simply click "yes" or "no" on their RSVP link (No human interaction required. Yippee!) and their information is safely stored. They can access their seat information before the show, and there is a new system in place for automated check-in on the day of the show. On-site computer hardware is in place so guests can simply scan a bar-code (which they receive via email) and walk in to the show. The people running the show will have up to the minute information on guest check-in, so they'll easily be able to view and fill open seats.
Don't believe in Fashion GPS yet? Well the design houses do. 80% of NY Fashion Week designers showing at Lincoln Center will be using this system to manage their Spring/Summer 2011 events. I'm a believer simply for the ease that the system has provided me with in regards to RSVP'ing to shows. I can't wait to see how the automated check-in process goes. One thing is for sure, it will be nice to worry about the actual show instead of worrying about my seating assignment. Stay tuned, Fashion week is just around the corner.

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