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Sep 10, 2010

Edition Georges Chakra Spring/Summer 2011

I wish someone was counting the times I said "wow" during the Edition Georges Chakra SS2011 fashion week show. Almost every garment was detailed in hundreds of tiny satin straps.

Some of the straps formed a bodice, some a shawl collar on the top of a dress, and some making criss-cross pattern details. As if sewing all those satin straps into a dress wouldn't take long enough, there was beading thrown in to the mix on garments like these dominatrix-esque black dresses.

How's about an entire jacket made of those tiny straps, and then belted with a lucite crystal beaded belt?

Colors ranged from neutrals to punchy brights (purples, teals, yellows). For some dazzle at the end there were golden gowns and liquid lame dresses.

Some good news about trends we love: fishtail braids? Still happening.

And ombre does not appear to be going anywhere from what I saw at today's shows.

Photography below courtesy of Bonita's World.

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