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Sep 9, 2010

Anna first plus size model interview

Many of you may not know this about your dear old Benz, but I just adore plus size models. That may sound a bit strange, but working in the fashion industry, I've met some of the sweetest plus size models (and just models in general) that you could ever imagine. I work at a clothing line that sells missy, plus, and petite clothing, so I've been on many photo shoots and garment-fitting meetings. With all the attention that plus models are getting today, it might not be a surprise to you that a lot of plus size models are... well... not really plus size at all. Many are of average height and weight (size 10's and 12's), but they have undoubtedly gorgeous curves and killer faces.So given my "expertise" on plus size models, I knew the minute I met Anna Kleinsorge that she was A) a model, and B) going to be a star. It all started with the simple question at a VH1 event one night: "are you a model?", and then turned out to be one of the most honest conversations I've had about body image and being a strong, confident woman.
Here are some of the things that Anna and I talked about.... Keep your eyes and ears open, because not only will she be a star, but she is an inspiration to young women everywhere. She's modest, sweet, an animal lover, and was so open to me assaulting her with question after question.
Lisa: When did you start modeling?
Anna: I started modeling about 3 years ago at the suggestion of my commercial agent. She had me do a test shoot, and before I knew it I was being booked for magazine and catalog shoots.
Lisa: Crystal Renn is everywhere these days. Marc Jacobs is doing a plus size line. What's your take on all the attention that plus size models are getting these days?
Anna: I think it's an exciting time right now, as more and more normal sized women are being featured in mainstream media and really starting to shape the definition of plus size. Until recently, the idea that "skinnier is better" has been perpetuated in magazines and the fashion world, making it rare to see a woman over size 6 being portrayed as beautiful. With the average size of the American woman at a 14, there are millions of women out there looking for fashion icons that inspire high-end looks, that are also attainable. Plus sized clothes in the past have been limited in the style department, and were often dowdy and uninspired. Fashion was not a creative endeavor, or even enjoyable for a lot of women.
With plus sized models in campaigns, and designers embracing plus sizes in their lines, the dimension of beauty is progressing in America. I am excited and proud to be a part of the fashion industry right now. As a curvaceous, strong, and empowered female, I hope to contribute to a healthy body image, and create a more meaningful definition to the words "plus size".
Lisa: You're truly an inspiration. What inspires you every day? What keeps you going?
Anna: Getting out in the world and seeing what's happening...different people, perspectives, and the places they live in. It's one of the perks of being a model, getting to travel and seeing the world first hand. That and my mini-dachshund Oscar. He's always optimistic, loving, and full of energy.
Lisa: I always have to ask, what's one beauty product you can't live without?
Anna: C.O.Bigelow's SPF 15 Mentha Lip Balm Stick. I always have it on me, and it's great for traveling.
For more information about Anna, including booking, please contact LA Models.

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