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Aug 4, 2010

Votre Vu Airbus in NYC

You know when you take a language in school and then have romantic fantasies about being part of their culture? That's how I feel about all things French. I can understand a bit of French if someone is speaking to me very, VERY slowly. I can even respond in choppy sentence fragments. Of course I watched Telefrancais as a child and love to tell my non-French-speaking friends witty anecdotes about talking pineapple cartoons. (L'ananas qui parle? Ce n'est pas possible!) Besides the language, I'm slightly passionate about French food, but I'm captivated by French beauty products. (Cue your surprise that I like beauty products). French women have mastered the art of looking naturally glowy all the time with minimal makeup. This is due, in large part, to the fantastic lotions and potions available for the skin. One company that lets us get a taste of French skincare is Votre Vu. I'm only just getting acquainted with the line, but so far I'm impressed with their quality and I've yet to experience any sort of sensitive skin nightmare trying their products.

The Votre Vu airbus was parked in NYC this week, filled with knowledgeable skincare gurus to reacquaint us with their current products and tell us about new fall product coming out in September. Besides the bus being adorably decorated in black and white damask with pops of pink, it was a product junkie's dream come true. Fully-stocked shelves were lined with a potion for every skin need. Votre Vu Snapdragon beauty beverage was sipped on by yours truly, who may or may not have been seen spritzing self excessively with silky Amour D'ore body oil.

But enough blathering about the ambiance... let's talk about some new products coming out for fall.

Oh Lighten Up intensif treatment spot creme($59)- a spot treatment that not only reduces current age spots, but provides UVA/UVB filters to prevent future damage. Licorice, bearberry, and daisy flower smooth skin and protect from environmental attackers.
SpécialEyes ($45)- reduces puffiness and dark circles. Primrose oil promotes firmer, brighter skin in the under-eye area.
Trés Magnifeet traitement exfoliant pour les pieds ($32)- foot scrub with bamboo grains for exfoliation. Mint oil acts as an antibacterial agent, while lemon oil moisturizes tired feet.
Nouveau Glow-Bilberry Bergamot Peel ($45)- a facial peel with natural ingredients so that skin will not be left irritated, but still effectively exfoliated. Bergamot, bilberry, lemon, grapefruit, orange, and sugar cane gently peel sun-damaged skin, while vitamin E, papaya extract, and sunflower seed oil moisturize. And it smells incredible!

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  1. Lisa,
    I love when others love Vu as much as me. I've been using the products for almost 2 years and am never disappointed.
    Thanks for sharing Votre Vu with your readers.
    A Votre Sante,
    Heather Wolgamott
    Votre Vu Brand Ambassador



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