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Aug 31, 2010

Gram Skincare- professional apothecary skincare

I attended an informative Gram Skincare dinner at Dos Caminos recently. I mean, offer me endless guacamole and margaritas and I'm there, regardless of what the product is. But I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there would be a professional skincare analysis by Dr. Gram himself. Between margaritas, attendees were welcome to talk to Dr. Gram about his inspiration for the line, and get their "Reveal" photos taken.
This line came about when Gram (who was a pharmacist developing prescription skincare products) wanted pharmaceutical-grade products for the skin, but using natural ingredients. He wanted the products to be highly effective, yet gentle enough to use on all skin types. All products contain certified natural and organic ingredients.
After the "Reveal" photos were taken, Dr. Gram analyzed and sent us back our results.
My results:
"Lisa Bensley: Forehead has texturing issues, likely because the area is very dry and dehydrated. Underneath the left eye, the tissue is experiencing the same thing. Overall, inflammation is minimal and there is very little sun damage. Skin thickness is very healthy and the eye tissue where we experience crows feet is in excellent condition. In addition to the product recommendations, Dr. Gram recommends using a scrub 2x a week and clarifying mask once a week."
Ok, so the sunblock is working, but I need to do a better job at exfoliation. Could be worse, eh?
Check out all the products Dr. Gram sent me to ramp up my skin regimen.

Recommended for me:
Daily Cleanser- gentle cleanser that should be used everyday. Natural ingredients cleanse skin without drying.
Daily Scrub- exfoliator using bamboo, rice bran, and walnut to scrub away dull skin.
Daily moisturizer- packed with antioxidants like pomegranite, soy bean, and primrose extract.
Clarifying mask (twice a week)- cleans deep in the pores to reduce breakouts and soothes skin with natural oat flour.
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