Dec 3, 2013

Benz's Favorite Things: Ciaté giveaway

Caviar Manicure Luxe in Gleam
Caviar Manicure Luxe in Lustre
Caviar Manicure Luxe in Smoulder
Feathered Manicure in All A Flutter
Feathered Manicure in Ruffle My Feathers
Feathered Manicure in What A Hoot

I have something exciting to tell you, my dearest readers.  Benz's Favorite Things is far from over.  We're just getting started.  
I think it's probably pretty obvious that I'm a lover nail art.  Maybe I'm not that great at it, but I still love it.  And one of my favorite brands, because I'm not so good at it, and because they provide everything you need in one kit, is Ciaté.  If you need a pair of mini scissors to clip feathers for a feather mani, they have it in there.  If a matte topcoat or some funny glue is what it takes, it's in the kit with step-by-step instructions.  I like a company that takes a lot of the guess work out of it for me.  Less human error that way.  Every season they come out with a cool new nail art kit, like the Caviar Manicure Luxe kits or the Feathered Manicure kits that are out now.  The Caviar Manicure Luxe kits come with a bottle of Caviar Luxe pearls, a Paint Pot nail color (which you'll totally use long after you're over the pearls), and a funnel that you'll need for application.  The Feathered Manicure kits come a mini Paint Pot, feathers, scissors, a nail file block, and a Speed Pro top coat.  Everything you could possibly need.  They make great stocking stuffers or you could even host a little manicure party with these kits.  And if you want to keep them for yourself, then your nails will look fab this holiday season.      
So, because I adore them so much, I'm giving away 10 of these!  Enter below for your chance to win 1 of 10 manicure kits by Ciaté.  I'm giving away 5 Caviar Manicure Luxe kits (in Gleam, Lustre, or Smoulder) and 5 Feathered Manicure kits (in What a Hoot, All A Flutter, or Ruffle My Feathers).  
To be 1 of 10 winners of a Ciaté manicure kit, for yourself or for a loved one this holiday season, there are several ways to win.  Entries are unlimited so comment, tweet, and facebook away!
1 entry: Leave a comment below (leaving your email address in the event that you're a winner)
1 entry: Follow @Ciatenails and @Beautybybenz on twitter.  Tweet to us using the hashtags #LoveCiate & #Benzfavoritethings
1 entry:  Follow Ciaté and BeautyByBenz on Facebook.  Same hashtags apply!
You are NOT limited to a certain number of entries per day, so feel free to comment and tweet us as much as you want.  Tell us how much you love Ciaté, because I tell them all the time.
Contest is open to US residents only.
Contest will end on December 17, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST.



  1. I love these ill feel like I live at e Capitol!

  2. This nail polish looks so fun and festive for this holiday season! I would love love love to do my nails like this myself and not have to pay at the salon!!! I want I want I want!!!

  3. I am obsessed with these nail polishs! They are perfect addition to a fun festive outfit this holiday season! The best part is you can do it yourself and not have to pay someone!!! I want I want I want!!!

  4. super cool!!

  5. Obsessing over the Feature Manicures!!

  6. Obsessing over the feature manicure sets!

  7. The caviar sets are to die for!! Especially the gold one!

  8. WOW! These nail kits look fabulous! I'm always so envious of the glammy girls with their perfect nail art! Maybe now I can achieve the same results! The caviar sets are a gorgeous compliment to any holiday wardrobe! The feathered sets are funky and edgy! I want them all!

  9. Love Ciate!! I used to have them all now I can't keep up.

  10. hello holidays!! these are so festive. i need one for NYE festivities!!

  11. I need these for New Years Eve!!

  12. I want to win this.



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