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Oct 13, 2013

Sexy hair, don't care

Since FOREVER there have been models, musicians, actresses, and style icons who've embraced the sexy hair look, and we've always wanted it, but if your hair didn't have a certain texture then you were out of luck.  Maybe you wanted Gisele hair, but you have stick-straight hair that won't hold any curl.  Or maybe you're like me, where you have some natural texture to your hair, but it can tend to get weighed down or look greasy when you put product in it.  Whatever the reason you couldn't achieve that undone hair look before, now there are a plethora of products on the market that are made to give you tousled hair.  Maybe you didn't know what they were for because they said "texturizer" or "dry styling spray", but I'm going to decode some of my favorites for you.  These products are great for a variety of looks, like braided styles, the bed-head look, or just a pretty wave.  YOU CAN HAVE SEXY HAIR.  

For girls who have tried curls and failed: 
Toni & Guy Texturising Glue
This texurizer is part of Toni & Guy's new Hair Meet Wardrobe collection, that is all about your hair being an extension of your personal style.  The collection is broken up into 4 sections: Glamour, Creative, Casual, or Classic.  Of course you can mix and match the products (though I fall into the casual category, I dig this particular product from the creative section).  Don't let the fact that this Texturising Glue is part of the Creative portion of the line be a scary factor for you.  Even if you're not the creative type, this product is great for so many things... if you have layers or short hair, simply apply to your dry hair for that piecey effect that looks so effortless and cool.  If your hair is straight and hard to curl, this is great to apply to hair before using a curling iron to keep your curls from falling flat.  I find it to be a great finishing product as well, that you can use to smooth fly-aways on a faux-hawk or a faux-undercut (or just a regular 'ole ponytail if that's your thing).       

For a sexy tousle or a braided style: 

Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay
I like this spray because it leaves a matte finish, instead of hair looking greasy or weighed down.  It also doesn't leave hair waxy or sticky feeling.  In truth, this might replace sea salt sprays for me since they're so drying, unlike this product.  I personally like to use this as a finishing product on my ends after I've style my hair for a rocker-esque finish, but this one is also good to use before heat styling for lasting hold.  I love this one for fishtail braids as well (to use before or after braiding, or both!).      

For the beginner: 
Blow Pro Textstyle Dry Texture Spray
Blow made its mark as NYC's first blow-dry bar, years before the competition were around, but they've really left an impression on me with their product line.  The product line was invented to prolong the life of the amazing blow-outs they gave, but their sulfate-free, lightweight formulas have stolen a little piece of my heart.  This particularly product is really universal and easy to use.  Spray at the roots for a little volume to refresh a 2nd day style, or use before creating an up-do or braided style to ensure that the style will hold (use before styling to give the hair grip, rather than using it as an after-thought like a hairspray).  If you've never used a texturizing product before, this is a great introductory product because it's so easy to use and understand.  Oh, I should also mention that Blow products always smell great and are good for the hair, rather than having heavy silicones or ingredients that dry the hair out.  This really is a top notch texturizer.    

For everyone: Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo
I am more than a little obsessed with dry shampoo, but (dare I say it) this is the best I've ever used.  Of course I like it as a dry shampoo, but it's so good I've been using it, not just on my roots, but the entire lengths of my hair to add texture.  This works on all hair types because it doesn't leave a white residue (Unless you spray a LOT, and even then the white stuff will go away in minutes).  It's safe for color treated hair and is free of talc.  It actually soaks up oil using natural rice starch instead of weird talcs or powders.  The real magic ingredient is the Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn Berry) extract, that is known to nourish hair with its high content of vitamins.  It's got a ridic amount of vitamin C, omega's, and vitamin E.  It soaks up all the oils, but still leaves hair feeling soft and smelling good.  

*Note: I have some other favorites that I've already written about, so they're not repeated on this list, but these products are definitely noteworthy in the texturizing department.  

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  1. I was recently introduce to dry shampoo (Marc Anthony) and I am hooked to it. Will be trying Amika and see how it goes :)



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