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Oct 6, 2013

I'm getting too damn old to go to bed with my makeup on

Friends, I'm very angry with myself.  I sit here and tell you to always take your makeup off before bed and then last night I was a total hypocrite and went to bed with FULL makeup on.  Not like natural makeup.  Smokey eye makeup.  I've committed one of the ultimate beauty sins.  And while I admit that I did it plenty in my 20's, now that I'm in my 30's such sins should never be committed.  Your body, skin included, repairs itself while you're sleeping.  That's why it's called BEAUTY SLEEP people.  I'm a little down on myself about it, I can't lie, but I've made some choices to rectify the situation.  
First, I have to get this crap off my face.  And not just off my face, but out of my pores.  Time for the Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Revival Mud.  This is a mineral mud mask that you can feel working on your skin, but not in a harsh way.  The main component of the mask is bioactive silt, which gets rid of dead skin cells and detoxifies the skin.  But it's also packed with ingredients like green tea, Manuka honey from New Zealand, mushroom extracts, and extracts from Resurrection Plants (plants known to survive harsh climates and extreme dehydration).  Basically it has a ton of naturally occurring ingredients that heal, soothe, exfoliate, and increase cell turnover.    
Next, Erno Laszlo Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair is immediately happening.  Because you know what happens in your 20's when you sleep with your makeup on?  You wake up the next day all sexy-eyed and will probably look hot on your walk of shame.  You know what happens in your 30's when you wake up with your makeup on?  All that artfully applied liner has fallen into your "laugh lines" (aka wrinkles you were completely unaware that you had) and you look like that girl from The Ring that climbs out of the well to kill people.  So after the makeup removal, I need to REPAIR the damage I've done and PREVENT future damage.  Probably easier said than done after what I put my skin through last night, but this powerful gel-cream formula contains Marula Oil to nourish, caffeine to decrease puffiness, and raspberry stem cells to protect against future damage.  It also has extracts from artichoke, algae, and White Lupine to boost collagen production and stimulate blood circulation.  It cools, it de-puffs, it repairs... it's everything I need today.    

Finally, I'm going to slather myself in oil.  It's kind of my thing I do if I want to pamper myself, but today it's more of a necessity since my face (and my insides) are severely dehydrated today.  I'm a long-time fan of Argan Oil, but recently Josie Maran came out with an Argan Oil Light and it's the bee's knees.  It absorbs super quickly, but is still the ultimate in hydration.  It's made with cold-pressed nuts from Argan trees in Morocco, so it's 100% pure and natural.  For folks out there who are afraid of the idea of rubbing oil on their skin, Argan Oil has actually been known to help improve breakouts.  It's good for SO many skin types, and is incredibly healing.  Sort of what I'm looking for right now.  Now if I can find something to heal my headache the way that these products are healing my skin.        

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