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Oct 15, 2013

Beauty By Benz approved: bliss triple oxygen ex-'glow'-sion moisture cream

I've instantly become a fan of bliss triple oxygen ex-'glow'-sion moisture cream ($64).  How much do I love this cream?  Let me count the ways. 
1. It's adorably pink.  Whatever.  I'm a visual person, and it's cute.  Don't judge. 
2. It's got vita-beads! I thought they might be some exfoliating thing, but they're actually vitamin E-infused beads that totally melt into the skin as you apply it.  
3.  It smells great.  
4.  It's got micro-algae to invigorate the skin and promote cell turnover.  
5.  It's got vitamin C, which EVERYONE needs to get on board with, because it makes the skin tone even and luminous.  
6. I like the packaging.  See point #1.  
7. It moisturizes without feeling too heavy.  I hate it when you get a heavy cream that seems to sit on top of the skin and doesn't absorb.  This makes me look luminous, not greasy.  
8. The bliss triple oxygen line has become pretty popular, because it is actually effective.  This cream has the same three forms of oxygen found in the other bliss triple oxygen products, which promotes cell respiration and collagen production.   
Is that enough reasons for you to go out and try the product?  It's definitely enough to make me re-buy this product.    

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