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Aug 28, 2013

Sea sprays that don't make my hair feel crunchy

I friggin love beach/sea sprays for my hair, but I hate when it makes my hair feel crispy.  You can very rarely run your hands through hair that's been sprayed with sea salt.  And they usually have this very typical beachy sunscreen smell, which I don't enjoy either.  I've recently discovered THREE awesome sea sprays that smell good, make my hair look awesome, AND don't make it feel gross.  Imagine finding three?  I should've been playing the lotto this summer.  Here's the rundown:
O&M (Original Mineral) Surf Bomb ($23.95)
Forget about that typical beach smell you get with other sprays.  This one smells like something you'd want to put on next day hair to refresh it (fresh, clean).  This product gives you the effect of dunking your head in the ocean, but without the drying effects since their whole line is free of harsh chemicals like parabens or sulfates.  With this product you can actually expect minerals from the sea to texturize your hair, rather than some sort chemical you can't pronounce.  You can really get that Gisele-esque piecey texture with this, but you won't feel like you have dreadlocks a couple hours later like some other products that are out there.  I suggest this one if you're looking for a matte texture (but don't confuse matte with dull or dirty!).         
Pureology Highlight Stylist Sea-Kissed Texturizer ($28) 
This one is very interesting because it's free of salt, so you know it won't dry your hair out.  It's specifically made for people with highlights, but I think anybody could use this one.  It's got olive, apricot, and jojoba oils to moisturize, and an AntiFade Complex for breakage protection.  Since it has no salt, the product relies on red algae to add texture to the locks.  This one is also paraben-free, and is good for those who want texture, but more of a shiny finish than a matte one.  (Want to see what it does to my hair?  Check out my friend Jill's post on  
Kérastase Spray A Porter ($35)
This product is part of Kérastase's new Couture Styling collection, so there's something that feels very luxurious about it without feeling too intimidating to understand.  It smells awesome, not like a hair product as much as a scent that you'd want to wear as a perfume or have in a candle, so it's a must-have for those who are in to second day hair.  It definitely gives texture, but still feels pliable after using it.  It has heat protection, UVA/UVB protection, and antioxidant protection, so hair is more likely to be healthier after continued use, rather than dried out by salts.  
These types of sprays have always been in my repertoire, since I'm forever trying to rock the messy-chic look, but these sprays are making it possible to look messy while still being touchable.    

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