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Aug 18, 2013

Old favorites

As a blogger I'm constantly trying new things, but as a makeup artist I know the value of products that can be counted on time and time again.  Trying out a new trend can be vastly different than, say, getting a bride ready for her wedding.  Every gal needs some items in her beauty routine that can get her out the door quickly.  For some, it might be a red lipstick, for me it's a few items that can pull a non-morning person like myself together quickly.    
I went to an event a few months ago that was held by one of my fave beauty bloggers, The Style and Beauty Doctor, and she got me thinking about these types of old, reliable favorites.  Since her event, I've been slightly re-obsessed with Becca Cosmetics, but there are some other staples in my beauty arsenal that I trust to give me radiant looking skin and hair, no matter the weather or the circumstance.  

Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford
Every good makeup application starts with good skincare.  Every.  Single.  One.  You can be the best makeup artist in the world, but if you're working with a blemished canvas, your artwork is just not going to be everything you want it to be.  My skin's been quite temperamental lately... maybe from sunscreen use, maybe from stress... so this skin care line is helping me get my skin back on track.  Pictured above is my favorite product from the line, the Creme De Serum, but I actually use the whole kit.  It gives you everything you need, from face wash, to night treatments, to products like the Creme De Serum which moisturizes the skin and primes it perfectly for a makeup application.  I find that I don't need to use a makeup primer when I use this serum, because my makeup will sit perfectly on top of it.  It really smoothes the appearance of fine lines and pores, to the point where I don't even feel the need for foundation some days when I wear it.  

Might as well start with a Becca product, since that's what got me thinking about these products to begin with.  These tints are the key to giving you a natural, flawless flush.  It's virtually fool-proof, and it's absolutely waterproof.  I've started using it as a perfect matte lip tint that doesn't dry your lips out like an actual matte lipstick might.  I have like EVERY shade of these tints, but my absolute favorite is Watermelon.  It's a color that you might be fooled into thinking is my natural lip shade (should I be giving these secrets away?!?!) and is really similar to how the apples of my cheeks actually flush in the sun or when it's cold out.    

Moroccanoil Treatment Light 
As many hair products as I test for my blog, I always return to this miracle oil.  I can use the regular Moroccanoil or the Moroccanoil Light, and I own both.  It's nice to know that you can go for a product over and over again and it will work wonders.  It's super-nourishing, one of the first products on the market to use Argan Oil in it (I want to say THE first.  It was certainly the first that I knew about, and there are often attempts to copy its greatness).  It absorbs into the hair so quickly, so I never feel like it's weighing my hair down, and it's very concentrated so one bottle of this lasts for months at a time.  Not that it keeps me from stocking up on the product like there's going to be some sort of hair apocalypse.  I have full-sized bottles at my apartment, and travel-sized bottles in my makeup bag, in my professional makeup kit (you never know!), and in my desk at work.      

Lancome Éclat Miracle 
I'm a big fan of luminizers.  I really just feel like they put the finishing touch on any makeup application.  I have a ton of different kinds, from super cheap, to really luxurious, and I love every single one of them.  But I love this Lancome product because it took me by surprise.  Most of my illuminating products don't come in a squeeze bottle like this one, and I was also nervous that it was too shimmery, until I tried it on my skin.  I seriously want to bathe in this stuff.  You can mix it with your foundation, or just use it on the cheekbones.  It does miraculous things when applied to the cupid's bow area of your face.  Sometimes I don't wear any foundation or BB cream of anything, and just rock this stuff on the high planes of my face, and my Becca Beach Tint on my cheeks and lips, for such a natural, glowy look.  No other makeup necessary.     
With these 4 products I seriously feel like I can walk out of my apartment and look put-together and natural.  Trying new products will never make me love these products less.  I just love them so much!  

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