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Aug 23, 2013

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope collection

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope lip color in Black Tie
Poppy King, creator of Lipstick Queen, is serving up some real luxury this September with the introduction of her Velvet Rope collection.  The collection was inspired by the glamor of the 1920's, including the gold case that the lipsticks are housed in.  While these lipsticks will be coveted by lipstick lovers because of its incredible texture, lipstick rookies might also be attracted to this collection.  Poppy took all the things that people dislike about lipstick, and solved our problems.  Like the matte look, but hate having your lips dried out?  This formula is silky smooth, and doesn't flake, with ingredients like Vitamin E and apricot oil.  Hate flakey lip color?  This is a silicone-based color, so it sits on top of your lips smoothly, without settling into the cracks of your dry lips.  For those who are sensitive to the smell or taste of a lipstick, this one has good quality peppermint oil to solve your problems.  Instead of a fake minty taste like you'd find in other makeup products, this is real peppermint oil, so there's something very invigorating about putting this lipstick on.
Luxury comes at a price, of course.  These lip colors are $50 each when they come out at Space NK stores in September.  That's the price you pay for high-quality ingredients, and high-performance, beautiful color.  And if that's not enough, the beautiful gold tubes come in a blue velvet box, really bringing home the fact that this is a luxury product.           
Blue velvet box that the lipstick comes in.  
From left to right: Brat Pack (true red), Black Tie (deep red), Entourage (wine), and Private Party (hot pink).  Not pictured: Star System (nude).  

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