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Aug 1, 2013

Bliss introduces nutricosmetics line

Forever a believer that beauty starts from the inside (literally and figuratively), I was really excited to hear about bliss coming out with a new "nutricosmetics" line.  If you're ever contemplated taking vitamins or nutritional supplements because of stress at work, strengthening your hair, skin, or nails, or just because you think it might improve your life in the slightest, bliss has something to address your needs.  Take a look at some of the choices:    

blisslabs nutricosmetics fatgirlcleanse two-day detox ($48 for 10 sticks)
A two-part, two-day system that is meant to help banish impurities from your body, while replenishing you with supportive nutrients.  Milk thistle, cranberry, and dandelion are included to help support the body’s natural filtering process, while Probiotics aid in digestion.  

blisslabs nutricosmetics the youth as we know it vitality blend ($55 for 14 sticks)
Mix these packets into your water to support cell vitality and defends against free radicals or age-accelerating oxidative stressors, using a special blend of antioxidants. Resveratrol and lycopene protect against free-radical damage, while Grapeseed extract helps resist age-inducing oxidative stress.  


blisslabs nutricosmetics total bliss give me strength ($42 for 30 soft chews)
These are pomegranate/blueberry-flavored supplements help maintain healthy hair and nails.  Have I mentioned yet that all of these products are delicious?  It's probably time to mention it now.  These bits contain  a Chinese herb called fo-ti that is traditionally used to encourage strong hair and nails.  They also contain Biotin (which I swear by) and Collagen , which are building blocks for healthy hair and nail growth.  


blisslabs nutricosmetics total bliss nutrient system ($99 for 30 pill packs)
These pill picks aren't just for outer beauty, they're also for your mood too.  Along with antioxidants, they contain a blend of 5 proprietary super complexes to promote healthy skin, hair and nails.  It doesn't hurt that the packs contain an Omega-3 to support your mood, mental acuity, and overall health.  


blisslabs nutricosmetics total bliss zen at work ($49)
This delicious tea concentrate promotes relaxation and concentration with a blend of Vitamin B6, Magnolia bark, and Chamomile.  These ingredients give you energy, focus, and, interestingly, are good for your stomach.  


blisslabs nutricosmetics triple oxygen glow sticks ($48 for 14 sticks)
Another packet option to mix with water, this specifically is meant to give skin a luminous glow.  Vitamin C, green tea, Vitamin B12, caffeine, and a special superfruit blend give youa multitude of benefits.  These ingredients give you antioxidant protection, brighten the skin, and enhance alertness.   


All products available on and at bliss spas.  

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