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Jul 27, 2013

Changing my showerhead changed my beauty routine

A process that took no more than five minutes to complete, changing my showerhead totally changed my beauty routine.  However, I didn't realize, until I wasn't using it anymore, how amazing it was.  
Let's start from the beginning.  I got a  T3 Source Showerhead ($130) in my super fun blogger travels and was promised longer-lasting hair color and possibly even better skin.  I was skeptical at the thought of having my skin and hair improved, but excited about the prospect of a better showerhead than the lame one that my apartment came equipped with.  

My old showerhead.  Pretty lackluster, as you can see.  
The tools required: A wrench and a little tape.  

The end result.  Boom.  
You literally just un-screw your old showerhead, which might require a wrench to twist off, especially if it's older and on there really tightly.  I took the old white tape off the existing showerhead, and replaced with new, but I don't think its a necessary step to the equation.  I twisted on the new T3 showerhead (didn't use the wrench on that part) until I felt like it was securely locked in place and TADA.  8 water settings for a luxurious shower experience.  Far superior than what I was dealing with before.  
Obviously I realized right away that have a showerhead with 8 settings is way better than one setting, but it wasn't until my filter needed to be changed that I realized the benefits that my hair and skin were seeing since I started using the showerhead.  I removed the filter that comes with the showerhead, but didn't have time to run out and buy a new one (the replacement filters are only $25 and should be replaced approximately every 6 months).  Up until that point I didn't realize that my hair color, that I generally need touched up every 2 months, was stretching way longer than 2 months.  Also, I hadn't had a breakout since... who knows when?  Well it became abundantly clear when I started running the showerhead without the filter in it (works perfectly fine without the filter, but the filter is what gets rid of all the nasty chlorine and chemicals that could be in your water) that my hair color started fading FAST and my skin was breaking out.  I mean, like a couple of washes fast.  I went from amazing hair color to faded mess in a matter of a few washes.  Highly upsetting, as you can imagine.  Once I replaced the filter again, the problem was solved, but it took some time without the filter to realize how amazing this showerhead actually was!  I was saving money on color-extending hair products and breakout-control products, simply because I didn't need them as much anymore.  I think it even improved my bf's already gorgeous hair, but I don't discuss this overtly-girly things with him because his eyes start to glaze over when it comes up.  
So moral of the story, even though I didn't realize that this was improving my hair health at first, I did eventually realize it, and I'm never going back.  It takes mere minutes to install, so it's totally worth it.  

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