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Jun 16, 2013

Get the look: Stella McCartney Resort 2014

Stella McCartney
Resort 2014 presentation
Antoinette Beenders for Aveda
Leave it to Beenders and McCartney to give us a look that is both runway-chic, and  still practical for us normal gals.  McCartney's close are always sublimely feminine, so Beenders opted for soft, seemingly effortless texture.  We're just a few great products and some insider tips away from runway-worthy hair.   
-Beenders prepped the hair with Pure Abundance Style Prep, to give the hair texture but still keep it weightless.
-Next, she sectioned the hair blew dry with a large round brush, creating a loose center part.  
-To hold the hair, but still keep it touchable, Beenders opted for Air Control Hair Spray, applying it in small sections and wrapping it loosely around a large barrel curling iron.  

-To keep the waves loose, Beenders gently tugged on the end of each one as it came out of the curling iron, styling it into the desired place with her fingers.  

-She finished the look with another misting of Air Control Hair Spray for hold, but allowing it to stay soft.  
*Insider tip: Beenders recommends prepping hair Pure Abundance Shampoo and Clay Conditioner prior to styling.  

*Photos courtesy of Aveda 

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