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May 24, 2013

New product alert: Living Proof Satin hair serum

So I’m going to try to write this post without sounding like a crazy Living Proof groupie, but it’s going to be hard because I just love this company. They can do no wrong in my eyes. (I feel the same way about Helen Mirren, but I digress). This is a company that is always on the cutting edge of haircare, targeting the problem of the hair and fixing it, rather than just covering up the problem with sulfates, silicones, or a bunch of other garbage that you don’t want on your head.
Their newest breakthrough is part of their new Style Lab Collection, which is a collaboration combining the brand’s scientific technologies with the creative vision of the Living Proof Style Team. So it’s like taking a bunch of MIT nerds (and I can say that because my boyfriend went there), and superstar hair stylists like Ward Stegerhoek, Mitch DeRosa, Chris McMillan, and Tim Rogers.
This new hair serum is called Satin, and will change the way you feel about serums. You may or may not know that hair serums are generally either oil-based or silicone-based, but Satin is the first silicone-free and oil-free hair serum. As someone who uses hair oils, I know that it can often attract dirt and leave hair weighed down, and silicone serums just mask the problem without really adding any benefit to the health of the hair. Not knocking it, just saying THERE’S GOTTA BE A BETTER WAY.
Living Proof Satin works to smooth hair without all the garbage because of the proprietary “Sera-Smooth” technology. Basically Living Proof made up this miracle molecule (OFPMA) that they put in all their products that coats the hair with an invisible/weightless barrier to lock out frizz. Along with this molecule, Living Proof has added polymers, conditioning agents, and smoothing emollients to make the hair incredibly smooth, but still keeping the serum weightless. It’s best when used on damp hair that you’re going to blow dry, but can also be used in small amounts on dry hair to tame any flyaways you might have.
Basically it sounds like a lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo, but the simple fact is that these products WORK. As someone who has fine hair, it’s refreshing to find products that properly style the hair without weighing it down.   

Living Proof Satin ($29) is available exclusively at Sephora right now.

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