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Apr 9, 2013

AMOREPACIFIC CC Cream (Color Control Cushion Compact)

First came BB Creams, and then before you knew what hit you, CC Creams came along.  Are you really confused now?  Never fear, because all this means is that your makeup now works harder for you.  You can toss your old tinted moisturizer with no skincare benefits, and pick up a BB (Beauty Balm) Cream or a CC (color correction) Cream that will actually improve your skin tone the more you wear it.  These creams make your skin look good while you're using it, but over time you can count on healthier, more even-toned skin.

Always ahead of the curve, AMOREPACIFIC has introduced their new Color Control Cushion Compact ($60) to give us everything we could ever want or need in a CC cream.
-Highly concentrated ingredients like Bamboo Sap replace fillers that other brands use.  You won't find a watered-down product here.  You'll find only moisturizing, anti-oxidant rich ingredients.  
-AMOREPACIFIC's Long-Lasting Complex™technology is proven to hold up in humid and harsh climates.  Just in time for an NYC summer!
-The formula has soothing botanicals to reduce redness, irritation, or puffiness.
-SPF 50 formula provides broad spectrum protection against sun damage, but still feels lightweight on the skin.
-The coverage is very buildable.  You can go as light or as heavy as you need for a flawless, second-skin finish.
-The box comes with a refill!  When you open it, your compact is already good to go with a sponge inside, but there's another refill wrapped up in the box for when your original formula is all used up.  
-The special sponge has really tiny pores, so you don't have to feel like you're losing all your makeup to the sponge.  

I could go on and on about this new product, but this is one you have to touch and feel for yourself.  The formula comes in 4 colors: Tan Blush (104), Almond Blush (106), Tan Gold (204), and Amber Gold (208).  The 100 colors have pinky undertones, while the 200 colors have more yellow undertones.

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