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Sep 2, 2012


Since I've been traveling so much lately, I'm in a weird situation of triple homesickness.  Of course my home is NYC, and I miss it terribly when I'm on the road.  Last weekend I was in California, my second home, with my brother and his fiancée, and have been California-dreaming ever since.  Then this weekend I spent in my true home, where I grew up, in upstate New York with my parents.  So I'm missing my family, on both coasts, but while on the road I miss everything about my NYC apartment.  I miss my bed for sure, I miss my full-size products (even though the travel-size stuff can be fun), and I absolutely miss the smell of my home.  I know that sounds random, especially since I live with a smelly dude, but I have a very sensitive nose and have made my home into an oasis of smells that I love.  I generally gravitate towards clean, fresh scents, but these scents are important to my comfort level in a home.  I don't know if it's something about these scents that remind me of my home upstate with my folks, or if they remind me of the Cali Coastline where my brother resides... but these are some of the current home scents that I can't wait to come back to.    

Mrs Meyers' Basil home fragrance line-

I love all Mrs. Meyers scents, but I've been pretty obsessed with the Basil line lately.  The dish soap goes kind of perfectly with the diffuser I have in my kitchen, listed below.  There's almost nothing better than fresh basil in the kitchen, but this scent goes a step farther by mixing in apricot leaves and eucalyptus.  The result of this mixture is something unbelievably fresh, while, of course effectively cleaning your kitchen.  

Caldrea Essentials Collection Herbs Of Provence diffuser ($19.99 at Target)-

I love to burn a candle just as much as the next gal, but what's better than NOT having to burn a candle and just have your kitchen always smell good?  I tend to reserve the candles for the big spaces of my apartment, like the living room or bedroom, but I like hiding diffusers in random nooks.  Closets... up high on kitchen cabinets...  and then when you open the door it's like a delicious surprise that awaits!  This particular diffuser is placed front and center on my kitchen counter though because I love the fragrance and can't wait for it every time I walk in the room.  It contains essential oils of Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Lily of the Valley, Mint, and Lavender.  It's also kind of cool because it doesn't look like your typical diffuser that's all clear bottles and wooden sticks... it's in this white ceramic vase and the scent comes out of the little blue thingie at the top.  I don't know how that works really, but it does, while still looking like something that belongs in a kitchen.  

Yankee Candle Beach Walk ($27.99 for the giant size)-

Regardless of where I live, I am always wanting to be at the beach.  In the summer, it's an obvious choice to escape the heat of NYC with a trip to a nearby beach.  But if you've ever seen the lightning crashing over water from the warmth of your apartment, or ever seen what snow looks like on a beach, you'll understand my need to live near a body of water.  Since it's not always practical to get to my favorite place, Long Beach, I try to keep beach-related candles burning year round.  I've always loved Caldrea's Sea Salt Neroli, so I always keep it stocked in my apartment, but right now I'm burning Yankee Candle's Beach Walk.  It's a really clean, refreshing scent that will remind you of saltwater without the fishy stuff.  

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