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Aug 3, 2012

New Kérastase Elixir Ultime Iconic Collection

Based off the success of the cult hair care product, Elixir Ultime, Kérastase Paris has introduced the Elixir Ultime Iconic Collection.  The collection consists of three new scented treatment oils, along with the original formula, to make a quartet of products for every hair need.  Each Elixir Ultime in the collection contains a distinct natural precious extract like the Millenium Rose, Moringa Tree, or Imperial Tea. 

For fine and sensitized hair

The Millenium Rose is a unique flower from France that is famous for its astringent, softening, and regenerative powers.  This formula is also rich in vitamin E, to protect the hair, while also remaining lightweight.  This formula’s scent is floral and fruity. 

For damaged hair

The Moringa Tree of North America, or the “Tree of life”, is known for its resilience challenging climatic conditions.  This means that this oil helps hair to be protected, and to bounce back from heat, wind, humidity, snow, you name it.  The formula is also rich in Vitamins A and C, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium to further fortify damaged hair.  This one has a warm, flowery scent.  

For color-treated hair

The Imperial Tea is a Chinese tea that is naturally enriched with some of the purest antioxidants in nature to protect hair against potential damage.  This one has a light, fresh floral scent.

Besides the natural extracts that the new products are named after, all 4 of the Elixir Ultime oils (the original and three new additions) feature the OLEO-COMPLEXE technology, a blend of four precious oils from around the globe.
MAIZE OIL: Extracted from corn in Central America, it is both emollient and full of anti-oxidant properties.  That means hair is moisturized and protected.   
ARGAN OIL: Who doesn’t know about this amazing oil from Morocco by now?  With its Vitamins A, D & E, and high concentration of Omega 9.  (ok so maybe you didn’t know what Argan Oil included, but you already knew it was amazing).   
CAMELLIA OIL: Native to Central and Eastern Asia, Camellia oil is known as a great source of Vitamin F, Omega 3 and Omega 9.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s also got an amazing fragrance.   
PRACAXI OIL: This is a lipid-rich oil that is native to the Amazon, and is deeply nourishing for the hair.

The ELIXIR ULTIME ICONIC COLLECTION ($54.00 each) is available at and Kérastase Consultant Salons. 

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