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Aug 10, 2012

My Makeup Diary: my go-to products

The five-minute face is a necessity for any girl-on-the-go type like myself, but I think anybody who has ever begrudgingly dragged their butt out of bed at the last minute to get ready for work in the morning can relate to having a quick makeup application.  Once you’ve figured out your go-to makeup products that will get your ready quickly, you’ve struck gold my friends.  I have a few products that I keep in my makeup bag at all times that I feel are versatile (like a highlighter that can double as an eyeshadow in a pinch), easy to use, and can carry me from season to season.
Becca Cosmetics Mineral Bronzing/Highlighting Duo ($43)-

This is a great non-orange bronzer so I can use it year round, rather than just in the summer months.  It’s also really lightweight so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a heavy powder.
Too Faced BronzeBuki brush ($34)-
This is the perfect combo between a kabuki brush and a stippling brush if you ask me.  I like that it’s “Teddy Bear Hair” (aka synthetic fibers) because I feel like most stippling brushes on the market use real animal hair… just a personal preference!  But I find this brush easy to clean and sturdy, not to mention that it’s housed in a cute pink retractable case so you don’t have to worry about the makeup/brush hairs shedding all over your makeup bag.  I like this for blending or for bronzer application when used in a light, circular motion.
Jemma Kidd Makeup School blush duo ($28)-
The pop of pink is great for the summer months when my skin is a little darker, while the rose color is better for me in the colder months.  But blending the 2 colors together ALWAYS works with my complexion.  It’s just the right of sparkle too.  Not too crazy shimmery.
Jouer Highlighter in Champagne ($20)-
I love this cream highlighter for the tops of the cheekbones and the cupid’s bow, but I love that I can use this as an eyeshadow color in a pinch if I don’t have anything else on me.  The formulation is really lightweight and doesn’t feel sticky like some other creams can.
Jouer Matte Touch ($26)-
This is one of my newest obsessions.  Like a non-powder powder.  It gives you that beautiful matte effect that you get from a powder, but without sinking into your wrinkles/pores and aging you like a powder would.  It feels like nothing on the skin, so it’s great for afternoon touch-ups on the T-zone.
Lorac Lips With Benefits in Antonio ($18)-
I should mention here that it’s not the shade that makes this my go-to lip product, but the fact that it’s not sticky/waxy feeling.  I actually rotate the colors of this product (they’re all pretty neutral and wearable shades of pink for the most part).  It’s all about the texture with this product!  It doesn’t hurt that it smells good either.  
So that’s my deal.  Those are the products that I always have on me.  I find them really easy to mix with other colors (a red lipstick here, a green eyeshadow there) if I have more time to get ready…. but mostly I just like them for being consistently great every time, making it easy for me to get out the door quickly in the morning. 

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