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Aug 19, 2012

Must try for fall: Velvet-textured beauty products

I love matte makeup.  I've always loved matte makeup and I always will love it.  When putting makeup on my clients I like the control matte makeup gives me over a shimmery shade, and I personally think that matte makeup on older women looks more sophisticated than something that's over-glittered.  But makeup is always evolving, isn't it?  So I was not surprised, but certainly delighted, to see that some companies have taken matte one step further with their new velvet textures for fall.  It's like matte on steroids and it's totally sexy.  
Ciaté Velvet Manicure ($19) was a little messy to do, but I think the pay-off is worth the trouble if you're looking for a cool (however, short-term...this, like the Caviar manicure, only last for a day or two) manicure.   The texture is cool to look at and soft to the touch.  (Note: Make sure to use a LOT of the velvet powder for a visible effect.  It took me a couple of nails to realize you have to really pack it on for a visible effect.)
Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick  ($28) goes on like a lipstick but dries like a matte lipstick.  The texture is so velvety-smooth because it has all these conditioning ingredients like Cili Fruit, Goji Berry, and Vitamins A, C, & E.  It's really long-wearing without feeling dry or flaky, which is rare in a matte color.
My fave color of the collection, Icon (via my Iphone).

Pictured below is how the colors look when they are still wet, before they dry all matte and amazing: Muse (coral) and Empress (Aubergine).
There are 9 shades all together, including a bright tangerine (Riviera) and some softer pinks & nudes for those who are shy with color.

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