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Aug 1, 2012

Maintaining a perfect summer tan

I preach a lot about wearing proper sun protection, and usually won’t put anything less than SPF50 on my bod.  So after this week of fun in the sun is over, what am I going to do about the little glow that did manage to sneak through my high-powered SPF?  Certainly fake-baking or going without sunscreen when I get back to NY are NOT options, so these are the 2 items I’m trusting to keep me looking like a bronzed Goddess, even if I’m sort of faking it.
For my body:
St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse ($30 4 oz/$40 8 oz)
Don’t get me wrong, I think ALL self-tanners smell because I have a really sensitive nose.  I’m practically a bloodhound with this nose, but as far as self-tanners go the tell-tale tanner smell really comes from their main ingredient, DHA.  St. Tropez products contain their trademarked Aromaguard technology to mask that gross self-tanner-smell, and I’m officially hooked.  Even a nose like mine can’t deny that the St. Tropez products smell far better than the rest.  The formulation dries really quickly so you don’t feel sticky after and it has Aloe Vera so it’s perfect for after-sun skin.  I find it really easy to apply, but you can buy the applicator mitt for $6 if you need a little extra help with a streak-free application.

For my face:
Votre Vu Self-Preservation Tanning Milk ($39)

There’s nothing like the gentle feel of a French cleansing milk after a lifetime of using harsh, sudsy cleansers.  Votre Vu has managed to capture this feeling in their self-tanning milk.  This product is great for anyone to use, but those with sensitive skin will be especially thankful for ingredients like Chamomile extracts and St. John’s Wort oil that have anti-inflammatory properties.  Other ingredients like Shea Butter and Carotene Oil make you feel like this a luxurious, moisturizing skincare product first, and a self-tanner second.     

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