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Aug 27, 2012

Illamasqua's Generation Q collection launches next week

Ok, ok, we all know I'm slightly obsessed with Illamasqua.  But I'm really excited about their new fall collection.  It's not just because the product is awesome.  I always expect their product to be awesome.  This time I'm particularly excited about their ad campaign featuring real women.  Not models.  It's not a campaign of "plus size models" that are really only like a size 10.  I'm talking REAL women.  Women who have raised children, who've held down jobs, who know that real beauty isn't just blonde hair and blue eyes, but rather a few wrinkles from the laughter, smiles, frowns, and tears of a life well-lived.  The campaign will feature women, young and old, who aren't models, but they are makeup fans and they are certainly beautiful.  Here's a sneak peek below at some of the women of the campaign: 

Photos courtesy of Illamasqua.

Anyways, enough about the campaign.  Let's discuss the product that is in the Generation Q collection, which launches September 6th here in the U.S. 

Complement palette $42.50 contains (starting from top left) Powder Eye Shadow in Slink,  a cool new brown shade of Liquid Metal called Focus,  a matte plum shade of Powder Eye Shadow called Forgiveness, and a new Pressed Pure Pigment named Queen Of The Night.  

Gleam Cream in Aurora ($26)- this is a new cream highlighting product from Illamasqua in a gorgeous champagne shade.  

Intense Lipgloss ($20 each) in Boost

Intense Lipgloss in  Opulent

Lipstick ($22 each) in Magnetism

Lipstick in Underworld

Nail Varnish ($14 each) in Creator

Nail Varnish in Charisma

Powder Blusher ($24) in Allure

Precision Ink in Wisdom ($27.50)- this liquid eyeliner is beyond waterproof, and this new shade is a very cool antiqued gold color.  It's almost got a military green undertone to it.  

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