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Aug 28, 2012

Fresh Turns 21

 Turning 21.  I wish I could say that it’s a precious coming of age story that you share with friends and family, like a Sweet 16 or something of that nature.  Usually, or at least for my friends and I, turning 21 is NOT a particularly classy affair.  Often it’s spent in college bars starting the minute they open at like noon, and staying there straight through until they close.  Someone always gets inappropriate.  Sometimes girls wear tiaras (Please stop doing that.  Tiaras are for princesses or five year olds pretending to be princesses).  It’s just all a hot mess.  A fun mess, undoubtedly, but a hot mess nonetheless. 

Enough of the nostalgia (sniff, sniff). Fresh, one of my favorite lines, is celebrating their 21st in a much more elegant way.   Back in 1991, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg founded Fresh with a small set of their Oval Soaps. They were obviously on to something, with their clean, fresh scents, and cute packaging.  Now it’s one of my personal favorite brands, and is a favorite across the world.
To celebrate their 21st Birthday, Fresh has partnered with artist R.Nichols to create a series of limited edition Fresh 21 Oval Soaps for three of their iconic scents: Sugar, Patchouli, and Hesperides Grapefruit ($15 each). The limited-edition soaps will be sold individually or can be packaged together as a gift set.  Nichols also designed a chic stationary set featuring Sugar, Patchouli, Hesperides Grapefruit and Sake-themed note-cards ($22 for a set).
The Fresh Turns 21 oval Soaps will be available for a limited time at Fresh Retail Stores and online at,  starting this Thursday at Fashion's Night Out!

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