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Jul 19, 2012

TRESemme Smooth Salon Silk No Frizz Serum

If I didn’t pride myself on my linguistic prowess, I would HASHTAG TOTES AMAZE this product.  It’s that good that it makes my normally wordy-self transform to a puddle of OMG’s and I DIE’s.
What’s so great about this product?  Well, clearly, the price is fantastic.  It’s about $4.29.  FOUR DOLLARS AND TWENTY-NINE CENTS.  Sold.  I’ll pay $4.29 every single day for a good hair day. 
Also amazing is how lightweight the formula is.  When I think serum, I generally think it’s going to be very heavy and possibly make me look greasy if I use too much (which I constantly do), but this serum is nowhere near the thick consistency of most serums on the market. The product also contains Argan Oil, which is typically a more expensive ingredient, so the fact that this is such a low price makes me giddy with excitement.  Argan Oil is my go-to for moisturizing my hair, making this serum a major weapon in my hair arsenal these days.

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