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Jul 3, 2012

Consider this motivation

So many of you know (because you are the kind people who voted for me!) that I will be going to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami at the end of the month with the Hawaiian Tropic team.  I’m someone who has always been athletic, and as a former dance teacher I never worried much about fitting into my swimsuits until 2 knee surgeries sort of set me back in the fitness department. 
I always try to make healthy decisions when it comes to food, which is sort of easy since I would rather cook at home than get take-out, but in the exercise department I went from dancing 6 days a week to dancing… well… not dancing at all for a while!  While I’m only now starting to feel like my old self again, I need some motivation to hit the gym before (and after) my Miami trip.
Healthy lifestyle choices are always important, but is there anything more motivating than seeing hot girls in swimsuits? We’re now officially in summer, and bikini season has undoubtedly started.  I sent my LA correspondent (who is also now my future sister-in-law as of this past Sunday!) to the L*Space fashion show recently, and these pictures are certainly motivation for me.  

Can we discuss how pretty this girl is?!

So after seeing these pictures, I have a few questions for you, dear readers. 
1.       Do these bikini-clad models motivate you to take your butt to the gym?  Between these pics and So You Think You Can Dance being back on the air, I think I’m good in the motivation department (yes, that show still gets me EVERY time!). 
2.       How do we feel about the black one-piece with the side cut-outs?  Because I’m thinking about getting one for my Miami trip.
3.       What are you most excited to see from my Miami trip?  I can’t wait to share pictures, tips, and tricks with you, so stay tuned!

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