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Jun 8, 2012

Bold hair color for the commitment-phobe

Love pink and purple hair but are worried what your employer might think?  Or maybe you're one of those people who change their mind too much to commit to permanently blue tips?  Well I'm one (or both) of those types of people but I absolutely love bold hair color.  My colorist is one of the best in the business at doing bold hair colors, but I just don't have the cajones to walk into my boss's office with green hair one day.  Plus I actually still love that my hair is a rich brown with bleached tips and am a little afraid that if I died it a crazy color I would immediately regret it.  Anyhoo, if you're a hair commitment-phobe like myself but want to try some non-permanent-one-night-only-zero-risk options, I have tried a few that you might be interested in.  

For subtle pink or rose gold tones on blonde hair or blonde tips, I've been enjoying using red shades of color-enhancing conditioner to give me a little pink tint.  The shade you will achieve with this depends on how long you apply.  Leaving the conditioner on dry hair for more than five minutes can give you REALLY bold color, but I prefer subtle shades that you can achieve by using it like a regular conditioner on wet hair after you shampoo.  (Disclaimer: if you have bleached hair this will soak into your hair like nobody's business.  Be careful about the amount of time you leave this on your hair or you can end up with bright red hair.  Natural blondes don't soak up the color like bleached girls do, so be very careful.  Always use a test patch!
Favorite red-head conditioners for this look: Davines Alchemic Conditioner in Red and Bumble & Bumble Color Support Conditioner for red hair.  

For blues and purples, but still subtle, I like mascara-wand style colors that you can apply on dry hair.  Sultra Color Hair Mascara and Streakers are good ones for styles like this.  Just apply, let dry, and then brush out.  I recommend doing this AFTER heat-styling on dry hair.  

For no-holds-barred bold color, that you don't even have to leave in until your next shampoo, Sultra hair extensions are fantastic.  They are clip-ins so you can take them out whenever you want, and they are real hair so you can style as you please, blending them seamlessly into your 'do.  Below I've curled my whole head, extension included, with the Goody Wave Creator wand, brushed out the curls, and then finished with a little Tigi Hair Reborn Texturizing Souffl√©.  

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