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Apr 8, 2012

Spring cleaning month: Laundry Day

Well Easter is upon us and this is the day that usually marks when I frantically start my spring cleaning routine.  While I'll spare you some of the more mundane details of cleaning my apartment (like how I never realized co-habitation with a male meant a steady flow of dirty socks lying around) I definitely have some good spring cleaning info to share, especially when in the beauty department.  But since Sunday is generally laundry day for most people, I have to share an exciting initiative from Mrs. Meyers Clean Day.  I've long been a fan of their sister company, Caldrea, when it comes to my laundry, and I'm not planning on abandoning my signature scent, Sea Salt Neroli.  But Mrs. Meyers has definitely caught my eye with their new 68 Load Laundry detergent.  You only need 1 TABLESPOON of this super concentrated detergent to do an entire load of laundry.  That is epic.  In case you didn't know what 68 loads of laundry looks like, let me show you.  

Yes, those baskets of laundry are almost touching the ceiling of this space.  You would think the jug of detergent used to wash all these garments would be huge, but since it only takes 1 TBSP, the bottle is snug and slides beautifully into small spaces (crucial when you live in a Manhattan apartment where space is money).  Equally important to space-saving, when it comes to spring cleaning I don't particularly want to ingest toxic chemicals, and I certainly don't want harsh chemicals to ruin my clothing.  Mrs. Meyers takes a stand on creating home cleaning/laundry goods that come from plant sources and essential oils.  Not only is it better for you to not have to breathe in those toxins, but the scents can actually make the cleaning experience a fun sensory experience.  With fabulous scents like Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Basil, and Rosemary, how can you go wrong?  I'm particularly enamored with their new fragrance, Bluebell, that smells so fresh that it seems like Heaven made that fragrance just for my laundry.      

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