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Apr 6, 2012

Ralph Lauren's The Big Pony Collection for Women (plus a new One Republic video)

The Big Pony Collection for Women ($70 each) is now available at Bloomingdales and, but it's probably easiest to find in a Ralph Lauren store if you have one nearby. (Most department stores will be getting later this month).  The collection is a four piece fragrance “wardrobe” consisting of a bright and playful collection of scents to suit any mood you're in.

The Sporty Fragrance - Bottle #1
A flora-citrus scent that highlightes grapefruit & Blue Lotus.  This is the confident fragrance of the collection, so it's perfect to wear on a job interview, or any time you're feeling like you're ready to take on the world.
The Sensual Fragrance – Bottle #2
A Floriental/fruity scent that highlights cranberry & Tonka Mousse.  This is the sensual fragrance that you'll want to wear on a date for sure. 
The Free-Spirited Fragrance – Bottle #3
A floral/green fragrance that highlights pear & Mimosa. This is a bright scent that's perfect for going out with the friends or for a Sunday brunch. 
The Stylish Fragrance – Bottle #4
An Oriental-Floral highlighted by Wild Cherry & Purple Amber. This is your Red Carpet-ready fragrance, and every woman needs a fragrance that makes her feel ready for the Carpet if you ask me. 
In celebration of the launch of The Big Pony Collection, OneRepublic has partnered with Ralph Lauren for the exclusive release of “Life in Color.” This is sneak peak (and a pretty long sneak peak at that) of the band’s newest song which will not be released until Summer 2012! This song is the theme song for the fragrance’s commercial film and digital campaign shot by Bruce Weber.

Ralph Lauren created the “Life in Color Quiz,” a 4-question interactive online quiz to help define your personal fragrance style.  Every person who takes the quiz has the chance to win a $4,000 Ralph Lauren shopping spree. Take the quiz here:
These are my quiz results (totally accurate, by the way):

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