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Mar 7, 2012

Sneak peek: Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism collection

I ALMOST don't even want to talk about this because it's not available for us to purchase until March 20th, and I can hardly stand the anticipation.  Illamasqua's new SS2012 collection has released pics of their new impactful pigments that I'm sure fellow color-junkies will be dying to try.  Here are some highlights of the new colors that this brand, that encourages users to be self-expressionists when it comes to makeup, has come up for us to play with.    
Powder eyeshadow ($20 each)- New colors include Burst (blue-green), Pivot (neon yellow-green), Cancan (lilac), and Sex (innocent white).
Palettes ($42.50 each)- The Fundamental Palette is all about varying textures from a Liquid Metal color that shimmers, to the matte cream pigment (mint green), and 2 Powder Eyeshadow colors (a neon color and a violet shade)...there is definitely a lot to play with here.  The Neutral Palette contains 4 absolute must-have colors, including Obsidian (black), Stealth (buttermilk color), Wolf (chocolate brown), and Vintage (an antique gold that is exclusive to this palette).  

Precision Ink ($27.50) in the new color; Scribe- This is a waterproof and long-lasting white color that can be used as a fine-tip makeup color or as a nail art tool.  And when I say long-lasting I mean like THE longest-lasting liner I've ever used (I have yet to try the white color, but I've tried the Precision Ink in Havoc and it doesn't budge).

Nail Varnish ($14 each)- Stance (bright mauve-pink) and Nomad (intense jade). 

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