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Mar 27, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips collaboration with Avril Lavigne

Already a huge fan of Sally Hansen's Real Nail Polish Strips, I was excited to learn they were doing a punky collection with Avril Lavigne.  The Nail Polish Strips (and I have to call them by their full name because there is "competition" out there that consists of stickers that can damage your nails, rather than these formaldehyde-free strips that are made with real nail polish) are so easy to apply and give users the ability to embrace nail art without sitting in a salon for hours.  For $9.99 a pack (each pack has 16 strips of varying sizes) they are a total steal, and now you can take a little Avril-inspired look with you with these limited edition colors.

Sound Check

Purr-fect Harmony

STUD-io Time

You're A Star

Headbanger (my personal fave of the collection)

Running Wild

Fur-ocious Vocals

In The Spot-light

Crowd Surfer


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