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Mar 15, 2012

Lippy Lip Gloss by Butter London

Lips are having such a moment right now.  So are nails.  So what happens when one of my favorite nail lacquer brands comes out with a lip gloss that is vibrant, long-wearing, and it doesn't taste gross?  Well clearly I share this knowledge with you fine folks.  Butter London is taking their idea of fabulous and highly-pigmented nail colors, and interpreting them into a lip lacquer called Lippy ($17 each).  Just like their nail colors are lacking the harsh ingredients that typical nail polish contains, Lippy is formulated with no parabens, petroleum, or sulphates, so you can feel safe wearing it on your lips all day.
Here's a look at their colors (from most neutral to brightest):
Yummy Mummy- a beige/nude
Teddy Girl-bubblegum pink
Trout Pout-a soft cantaloupe shade
Primrose Hill Picnic- fuchsia
Snog- my favorite of the shades, a vibrant, hot pink.

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