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Feb 19, 2012

NY Fashion Week: Backstage at Badgley Mischka AW2012

Tom Pecheaux for MAC- "The look is like Egon Schiele meeting Tim Burton basically.  We wanted to bring fantasy.  To create the look we do a matte finish skin, a burgundy black eyeshadow from the top lashes to the eyebrow... of course more intense by the lashes fading into the eyebrow.  A very strong gold stripe under the eyes.  Black mascara.  A very intense dark burgundy lip.  Nothing on the cheeks.  I would love almost for the face to feel like a black and white."

Deborah Lippmann gave short rounded nail lacquered in Dark Side Of The Moon, with a gold tip accent using Nefertiti.  The toes only got Dark Side Of The Moon, and then everything was finished with Addicted To Speed, which is Deborah's go-to topcoat.
Here's a really great do it yourself tip backstage to paint on the perfect tip (for a french manicure or a look like you're seeing for this show):
"Say you have a table here, put your hand on the table.  If you hold your brush and you just put it on the edge of your nail and you roll your finger you get the perfect French Manicure.  So you just put the brush there and instead of thinking 'where am I going to move it? How am I going to move it?' you just roll your finger." 
(Deborah was doing this in the air, but she recommends having a table to support your arm on).

Peter Gray (for Moroccanoil) was using ONLY ONE product on the hair to achieve this look that he called "fluffy cloud bombs".  Since most women don't use all the hair products that you'd see used on a model backstage I thought that this was pretty epic.  Peter was using only Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray throughout this whole process.  "It coats the hair really well, good heat protection.  It just gives you a really good, solid result." 
He started by using 3/8" and 5/8" curling irons (around whole head) to create pin curls, and a 1/2" curling iron (to create 3 larger pin curls in front that will become finger waves).  After pinning the whole head, he used a diffuser to fix the hair in place, and then allowed the hair to cool for a few minutes.  The tiny coils were then brushed out and molded into the random shapes that Peter wanted using the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray the whole time.  Sort of disbelieving that one product could do so much, someone asked Peter again if he had used anything to smooth the hair prior to curling, to which he replied:
"It's the only product I need.  Everything's already in it."

Photos below courtesy of Luida Hara for Moroccanoil: 

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