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Feb 6, 2012

New products from Too Faced for spring

I always look forward to spring beauty launches, but one of my favorites that I wait for is Too Faced (no matter the season actually).  The passion that creative director Jerrod Blandino has for his brand is apparent in all the palettes he puts out there for consumers.  From his famous how-to cards to show customers different ways to utilize the products, to the artwork on the packaging, and, most importantly, the makeup colors themselves, everything that comes from Too Faced seems to be an act of love from Jerrod.  Here are some of the products I'm psyched about for spring:
Natural At Night ($36)- 9 fabulously sultry eyeshadows that can easily take you from day to night.  For anybody who loves the Natural Eye collection, this is a great foray into more dramatic nighttime makeup.  As always, the highly-pigmented shadows come with How-To Cards to teach you what to do with all the colors.  No more buying a palette and only using one color!
Natural Face Natural Radiance Palette ($39)- It's never been easier to create a perfect canvas.  Contrary to popular belief, shellacking skin in heavy foundation is not the key to perfect skin.  This kit comes with 6 face essentials: A bronzer, a powder blush, a crème blush, a luminizer, a concealer, and a brightener.  No worries if you don't know what to do with all those items, because the kit comes guessed cards to show you how to create a classic face, a bronzed glowy look, or a full on "supermodel sculpt".    
Natural Face Natural Radiance Face Palette
Natural Kiss Neutral Lip Color Collection ($26)- This collection of 4 lip colors is a great completer piece to the Natural Face kit, or is just great on its own for the lip gloss junkies out there.  It comes with a brush, a mirror, and it's light as a feather to throw in your purse.  There is a Gold Shimmer, a Totally Nude crème color, a Pink Shell crème color, and a gloss in Maple.  The formulas are also free of parabens and mineral oils, so  there's no ingesting harsh chemicals.  
Natural Kiss Neutral Color Lip Collection
Tinted Beauty Balm ($32)- I'm excited about all the special palettes that Too Faced has to offer, but I'm REALLY excited about this product!  Beauty Balms are all the rage right now, but leave it to Too Faced to make a tinted version so that it can be used by the masses in our melting pot of a country.  I love my BB creams for their moisturizing and anti-aging benefits, but as someone who doesn't want to mask my freckles, and who gets pretty bronzed in the summer, alot of these balms can be too light for me when they only come in one "universal" shade.  This oil-free Too Faced formula simply feels delicious on the skin, and offers SPF 20 protection without feeling too heavy or chalky.  It comes in 4 shades that blend easily into the skin: Vanilla Glow (light skin tones), Cream Glow (light to medium), Nude Glow (medium), and Beach Glow (deep skin tones).      

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  1. The Natural At Night palette looks very cute. I would definitely buy it.



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