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Jan 1, 2012

New Year's beauty resolutions

I'll be the first to admit that I commit some of the worst beauty crimes, like not removing my makeup before bed.  But this year, as I get a little older and hopefully a lot wiser, I'm committing to a few beauty resolutions.

Get bat-worthy eyelashes- We all know I'm a mascara-junkie... it's partially because I love the effect mascara has on ANY lashes, but mostly because I have thin, blonde lashes that are rather lackluster without being shellacked with 3 coats of blackest black.  I've seen some really amazing results on other people from eyelash enhancement serums, but since I have light eyes I haven't been willing to try those serums and have dark iris pigmentation (or any other side effects for that matter).  I was excited to hear that one of my trusted brands, Obagi, has come out with their ELASTILash Eyelash Solution ($60).  Obagi ELASTILash has none of those nasty side effects for light-eyed gals, but it's safe for all people to use since it's a nonallergenic.  Obagi promises 4-6 weeks until people see fuller lashes, so I'm planning on having bedroom eyes by Valentine's Day!  
Remove my makeup before bed- I always say that I'm going to get better at this, but when it's time to pass out sometimes I'm a little negligent on this front.  I've started kepping Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser ($24) by my bed with some cotton pads so there's no excuse not to get the makeup off my face.  This product is made to condition your lashes with silk proteins and cornflower extract, so those lashes that we're growing with ELASTIlash above will stay strong and healthy!  I also like that this doesn't sting my eyes like some other makeup removers, and it gets waterproof mascara off without having to scrub.

Care about my clothes- Working in the fashion industry I have a TON of clothes.  I'm very fortunate that I own so many, so you'd think I wouldn't throw them in piles when I'm in a rush to get ready.  Besides throwing them around wrecklessly, I haven't always cared for them in a way that I should.  Delicates sometimes get mixed up with jeans, whites with bright colors, you name it.  One thing I AM good at with my clothes is using Caldrea detergents and softeners to care for them.  I'm a long-time fan of their Sea Salt Neroli line because it smells incredibly fresh, but also because their plant-derived ingredients clean your clothes gently and effectively.  Essential oils keep the clothes smelling amazing without fading the color or leaving your whites dingy.  Besides the detergent ($16) and the fabric softener ($15), I'm going to add their other products to my laundry care repertoire, like the dryer sheets ($10), delicate wash ($10), stain remover ($10), and dark wash detergent ($10).  It's almost the same price as using Tide or some other mainstream detergent, but clothes will stay softer and better smelling, so I'm converting to all Caldrea products this year.  

And while we're on the subject of clothes, I'm going to RECYCLE my holiday-wear this spring.  Garments that were formerly for holiday parties only, like this Baby Phat jacket below that my friends from Lucky Magazine sent me, are going to get a new breath of life this spring by layering them over spring dresses or button-down shirts.  These sparkly items aren't just for nighttime now, they're totally getting recycled for some day shine.  

Get whiter teeth, sans sensitivity- Glo Brilliant tooth whitening device ($275 for entire set, $45 for refills) is absolutely brilliant, as the name suggests.  The Ipod-shaped device gives you whiter teeth with zero sensitivity.  I didn't believe the hype at first myself, but I've used mine 3 times now and my normally extremely sensitive teeth were not bothered by this one bit.  I wear Invisalign, which causes my teeth to be sensitive on a regular basis, but whitening strips/kits of the past have left me with quite a bit of tooth pain.  This Glo kit is definitely different from the rest.  The Glo Control (the piece that looks like an Ipod) hooks up to the Glo Brilliant Whitening Mouthpiece that heats up and times your 8-minute whitening sessions for you.  You literally need no brainpower to use it, it does all the work for you.  But the secret to not getting any sensitivity is the way the mouthpiece and the whitening gel work together.  The alcohol-free formula is made to stick to your teeth rather than getting in your gums, and the mouthpiece creates a snug, cozy environment for the gel to heat up and be effective, without causing pain.
Drink more water. 
Get more sleep. 

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