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Jan 16, 2012

Golden Globes best of beauty

With all the Best Dressed talk out there, I figured it was time to acknowledge all the great hair, great makeup, and great skin that was seen on the Red Carpet.  Here are my faves of the night:

Best glow: Jessica Alba skin was radiant last night.  
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Best Beauty Risk: Nicole Richie's pumped-up pony by Suave Professionals was the epitome of rock-n-roll chic.  This is the kind of thing we wait to see on the Red Carpet...the kind of beauty risk that gets us talking! 
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Best eye makeup: Emma Stone was smokin' hot.  She's been my inner-geek's girl crush since Zombieland/Superbad, but her role in the movie adaptation of my favorite book, The Help, elevated her to Dream Girl status in my mind.    
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Best you-give-us-all-hope look: Elle Macpherson is what we all want to look like when we "grow up".  Hell, we all want to look like her NOW, much less when we get older.  
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Best bed-head: Reese Witherspoon was looking effortlessly sexy last night.  No doubt about it.  
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Best Overall: Charlize.  Because even though she was sick, she looked flawless.  The skin was perfect, and the finger waves looked effortless.  She is definitely providing inspiration for all of us!  
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