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Oct 6, 2011

It's all about the tools

Many of you already know that I'm a makeup artist, but I think whether you're a professional, or it's your first time applying makeup, you need the right tools to create the perfect face. Do you think that you can just buy expensive makeup to cover your flaws and then just apply the stuff with crappy tools? AS IF. I mean, you can apply blush with a cheap-o brush with the bristles falling out, but if you invest in good brushes/tools, you can create MAGIC. I liken myself to Michelangelo when I'm doing my mascara in the morning. (Just ask anyone who's ever tried to get in the bathroom while I'm in there). But anyways, the point is that the proper tools are very important. They don't even have to be expensive, they just need to be effective. Here are some of my favorite “tools” at the moment for creating a smooth canvas.

Shiseido Foundation Brush ($30)- I can’t say enough about this brush. First, it’s synthetic, so there were no adorable, sweet little animals were harmed in the making of this oh-so-perfect tool. Besides my ethical decisions, I like this brush because its unique shape and dense bristles make for a streak-free foundation application. It’s compact body means you can get in close to the skin for a steadier hand while applying for any of with the shakes. Also the slanted edge makes it easy to get in around the eyes, nose, and any other small spots with ease. Great for foundations, cream blushes, and blending in general.

Essence of Beauty Acai Teardrop Sponges ($3.99 for a pack of 2)- For those ladies who commit the crime of not blending… well I have a lot to say to you! But for now I’ll just suggest these to you. They make it so easy to blend your makeup, and the smaller tip allows you to get in to all the nooks and crannies (like that area around your nose. Pay attention to it!). And it doesn’t hurt that it’s infused with Acai, so you get a smooth, moisturized finish to your makeup application. For $3.99, you have no excuse to go out of the house un-blended.

And, of course, you need something to carry these precious gems in.

Sonia Kashuk Tribal Weekender bag ($24.99)- This thing is just amazing for a weekend away. Or if you’re crazy like me and have an arsenal of makeup on you at all times. Hey, you never know when you might have to perform a spontaneous makeover on someone. Anyways, my point is that you can put EVERYTHING in here! And I love the clear, removable pouches for items that may leak (like creams or eye makeup removers). You can stow away all your brushes and makeup in here, and still have room for your contact case or some travel size hair products.

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