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Sep 13, 2011

New York Fashion Week: Lela Rose

The Lela Rose SS2012 was super girly, especially in contrast to the inspiration behind the show. Rose found inspiration in the "neon graveyards" of Vegas and Coney Island, and found a way to make it pretty. Rose used metallic filaments in her organza dresses, and polka-dotted tulle to represent the lightbulbs that dot the landscape of Vegas and Coney Island. Neon yellows and tangerines were representative of broken neon signs from those destinations, and further played up by faded prints that were seen throughout the collection. Though it sounds like a depressing inspiration, it was actually a very upbeat collection, but we expect nothing less from this designer.

My favorite piece was this tiered organza skirt with a denim-hued silk bustier.

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Clearly I was quite obsessed with snapping the shoes pictured below. But why wouldn't I be when they were so cute and they're all going to be available at Payless in spring?! My favorite was The Mapleton, which has a colorful double T-strap upper and a wood-stacked wedge heel. The wedge varied from versions with colored resin dots or a lucite stripe in the middle of the heel.

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